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By Dr. Camille Berger

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Dr. Camille Berger graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, the trusted leader in chiropractic education, in February 2018.  During her time at Palmer, Dr. Camille found herself gravitating to gentle forms of chiropractic care.  She enjoys a gentle approach to aiding the body to heal from the inside out.


It was during her pregnancy with her son that Dr. Camille found her true calling within chiropractic.  After the difficult birth of her first daughter, Dr. Camille experienced an empowered pregnancy and birth of their son.  She has made it her mission to provide chiropractic care, resources, and education to the pregnant mother and her family to facilitate a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth creating a healthy lifestyle.


Dr. Camille lives in Grafton, WI with her family: daughters Amelie (6) and Cecilia (11 months), son Jonah (2), and her husband, Matt (no one cares his age).  Dr. Camille is a family practice chiropractor in Cedarburg, WI where she owns her clinic, Early Beginnings Chiropractic.

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